Magdalena Sodomková, Brit Jensen: Yusra Swims for Her Life


18-year-old Yusra and her sister left Syria for Europe by the Balkan route. When her overloaded smugglers’ boat found itself in distress, she jumped in the water and swam three and a half hours to the Greek shore. On the border between Serbia and Hungary, she met Czech journalist Magdalena Sodomková, who followed her on her journey. It wasn’t until Berlin that Sodomková discovered that Yusra is a famous swimmer from Syria. In the end, she traveled with her to Rio, where Yusra was a member of an Olympic team composed of refugees. The documentary series was made for Czech Radio’s Radiožurnál station, and was rebroadcast on the BBC.

Created by: Magdalena Sodomková, Brit Jensen

Dramaturgy: Brit Jensen

Sound: Jan Trojan, Radim Dlesk

Zacheus Club / Saturday 28 Oct., 5pm-6pm


Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2016
Event type: Radiodocumentary
29.10Klub Zacheus 17:00


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