Eva Blechová: Tiger Dung, Perfume, and the Intruder


Eva has recently moved to the outskirts of Prague, and is enjoying the country atmosphere. She feeds the birds, watches the neighbor’s donkeys behind her house, and goes running in the woods… But one day at 3:30 in the morning, this idyllic existence is interrupted by an uninvited guest. A marten has made its home in Eva’s attic, chewing up her insulation and keeping her awake at night. It seems as if everyone has some advice about how to get rid of the animal, but none works. Eva engages in a battle that takes her even further than she had thought herself capable.

Created by: Eva Blechová, Gabriela Albrechtová, Stanislav Abrahám, Vladimír Chrz

Zacheus Club / Thursday, 27 Oct. 6pm–7pm

Foto © Tomáš Černý

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2016
Event type: Radiodocumentary
27.10Klub Zacheus 18:00


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