Manifestations of the Passing: An exhibition of contemporary icelandic videoart


Icelandic video art The Icelandic art scene is immensely rich in moving images. The included videos explore current events and traditional questions of being and not being, as reflected in innovative works exploring layers of meaning that turn images into artistic testimony. Our selection of contemporary Icelandic video art includes not only artists who have already made a name for themselves outside their home country, but also outstanding works that have not had much foreign exposure, as well as a student from Iceland’s art school.

Veil / Sigurdur Gudjónsson / Iceland / 2014 / 80 min

The landscape is set into motion by the wind, which follows the topography of its surface, emphasizing its restless expanse.

Minerva / Dodda Maggý / Iceland / 2013 / 12 min

The movement of flying owls in a seemingly endless repetition and ephemeral variability.

Hringsól 4 / Gunnar Jónsson / Iceland / 2013 / 13 min

An ineluctably temporary image created by the patient movement of a boat on the wavy surface of the sea.

Recorder / Sigurdur Gudjónsson / Iceland / 2010 / 20 min

The hypnotic motion of a tape recorder with the sound of dripping water, creating tension between real sounds and the recording.

Man/woMan in train / Kristin Scheving / Iceland / 2009 / 10 min

A quiet observation of sleeping travelers with an unknown destination and time of travel.

Foyer – DKO I balcony / Opening hours during the festival: 9am–10pm

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2016
Event type: Special Screening


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