Dunkel: Phantom Limb


Dunkel is Norwegian art project that focuses on how the other senses sharpen in complete darkness. We challenge both professional artists and the public to have to deal with the absence of light. In Phantom Limb we will explore the search for what is not there, but still feels present. We will take you through a scenic ritual where the remaining senses defines and redefines space in line with the information and expressions presented. An intense and tactile performance with an actor, a musician and a sound-designer all performing in the dark together with you.

The performance is in the dark, let your other senses to excel for a while. Premiere in the Czech Republic. Suitable also for blind people.

Art director: Thomas Holtermann Østgaard

With: Nela Husták Kornetová

Music design: Mads Faste Liang Nilsen

Sound designer: Tamás Stéger

Supervision: Kate Pendry

Assistant and production: Magdaléna Kuruštová

30 min / www.dunkelfestival.no

The project was supported by The Norwegian Art Council


Theatre Club of Horácké Theatre / Limited capacity of seats

Thursday, 27 Oct. at 5.30pm (in Czech)

Friday, 28 Oct. at 6pm (in English)

Friday, 28 Oct. at 7.30pm (in Czech)

Saturday, 29 Oct. at 2pm (in Czech)

Saturday, 29. Oct. at 3.30pm (in English)

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2016
Event type: Cabaret and Theatre
27.10Theatre Club of Horácké Theatre 17:30
28.10Theatre Club of Horácké Theatre 18:00
28.10Theatre Club of Horácké Theatre 19:30
29.10Theatre Club of Horácké Theatre 14:00
29.10Theatre Club of Horácké Theatre 15:30


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard