Winston Lasker + MIDI LIDI


MIDI LIDI: The band is well known for inciting ecstatic dancing and for its unique mix of wild and compelling moods. A popular and much discussed band with a solid generational following, whose critics cannot agree on the band’s level of irony. In Jihlava, be prepared for songs from their new album Give Masterpiece a Chance!, this time as a quartet consisting of Petr Marek, Prokop Holoubek, Markéta Lisá and Tomino Kelar. VJ: Kolouch. Preceded by Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Winston Lasker, member of the internationally successful Mahjongg.

(CZ) electro / video / love

Soul Music Club / Wednesday, 26 Oct. at 10.30pm / admission CZK 60 with accrediation, CZK 150 without

SUPPORT: Winston Lasker, at 9pm

AFTER: DJ Cashmeer

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Festival edition: 2016
Event type: Music
26.10Soul Music Club 21:00


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