Ivan Klimeš: Cinema and the State in the Czech Lands 1895–1945


Film historian Ivan Klimeš’s book Cinema and the State in the Czech Lands 1895–1945 explores the position held by the state in relation to a new technical medium and a new branch of the cultural industry. Over the five decades that are examined, the Czech lands were a part of four different state structures, each with different borders. Experience with the film medium, during times of tribulation as well as times of peace, led the state to a make a 180-degree turnaround – what started out as a suspicious and restrictive viewpoint led to a state monopoly of the entire industry half a century later.

The Opening Ceremony of the 20th Jihlava IDFF will feature an official release of the latest book by Ivan Klimeš

Ivan Klimeš. Kinematografie a stát v českých zemích 1895–1945 (Cinema and the State in the Czech Lands 1895–1945). Prague: Charles University in Prague, Philosophical Faculty. 2016. 575 p.



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