MARY C (Radio Wave) + IOB


Mary C

Marie Ctverackova aka Mary C is a radio presenter, DJ, writer, cultural activist and Kruton label curator. In the clubs you can hear her spinning all sorts of electrifying soul, melancholic organic beats, but also some of the most dangerous and edgy electro, juke and dirty down tempo. She is one half of Kreaton DJs a duo with Martin Tvrdý focused on new forms of DJing, radical sampling sessions with live beats. The two also perform as Člověk pokrokový, live mixtape presenting Bonus and his rap in the context of experimental beats.

digital melancholy / gentle experiment


IOB is playing eclectic sets with mixture of all possible influences. Sound chameleon, digging the "ground under" clubs with bass, garage house and also let you touch the sky with warm melodies at once; always trying to stand a bit aside from the current scene, forms his own musical taste with an open mind, eyes, ears and heart. Drowning in the sea of music.

electronica / IDM / bass / garage

Festival Tent behind Thor Heyerdahl Cinema - DKO
Tuesday 27. 10. / start 21:00 / free entry

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Festival edition: 2015
Event type: Music
27.10Festival Tent by the Bus Station 21:00


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