Michal Cáb, Marek Hlaváč: Multitudes


Alternativa Gallery (OGV II) / 15.10.–15.11.

Opening hours during the festival: 
27.10.: 3pm - 8pm

28.10. - 31.10: 9am – 8pm 
1.11.: 9am - 5pm

ticho.multiplace.org / github.com/michal-cab 

The presence of invisible signals that cross public spaces, private flats, and even our bodies every day, are so taken for granted that we completely forget them. The exploration of the amount of signals and how they fill space doesn’t have to be an exercise only for scientists studying electromagnetic fields and health risks. Michal Cáb focuses primarily on noise improvisation, programming synthesizers, and sound installations. In his performances, installations, and site-specific projects, Marek Hlaváč explores the possibilities of collectivity and participation in sound. 

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2015
Event type: Exhibition


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard