At bona fide + Schwarzprior


At bona fide:
Guitar strings are essentially strong wires in an electromagnetic field – something very audible in the music of At bona fide. Hard, atmospheric post-rock is alive and kicking here, even if making your way through the sound is rather hard work and may come at the cost of some unraveling.

Hearing Schwarzprior chant along to their dark gothic and industrial sounds about “a city blazed by erection” suggests that the Ostrava scene is indeed rather specific. Taking a walk “in the zone with my prince” could not fail to take them to Jihlava IDFF. Winners to whom each new triumph is but a reminiscence of their loathing of competition.

Psychedelic / Shoegaze / Dark Wave / EBM / Electronic

Afterparty: HOLY
house / pop

Wednesday 28. 10. / start 21:00 / admission CZK 30 with accrediation, CZK 80 without
Soul Music Club, Žižkova 15

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2015
Event type: Music
28.10Soul Music Club 21:00


Visitor accreditations for the 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF are now open