Rikke Houd: The Woman on the Ice


In 1932 a young Danish nurse, Karen Roos, set out on a journey to the farthest reaches of eastern Greenland as the first nurse sent to this Danish colony. Nine months later she was missing. Footprints in the snow end at the edge of a frozen sea – the only items she left behind are a discarded ski pole and an incomplete diary from which someone had torn the last pages. Rikke Houd sets off in these over eight-decade-old footsteps. In this sonically rich and deeply personal narrative, she attempts to understand times gone by and remote communities.

Script and director: Rikke Houd
Dramaturgy: Tim Hinman, Krister Moltzen
Produced for the podcast station Third Ear, Denmark
Sound Editor (Czech version): Roman Špála, Radek Veselý
Director (Czech version): Eva Nachmilnerová
The Czech version features: Jana Franková, Magdalena Borová, Petr Pelzer and others.

Respekt Café, Horácké Theatre, Komenského 22
Thursday 29.10 / start 18.00 / free entry


​Foto © Rikke Houd

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Festival edition: 2015
Event type: Radiodocumentary
29.10Respekt Café, Horácko Theatre 18:00


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