11:55: Regulation of Intimacy


This is an original project prepared by a group of former DAMU classmates under the supervision of Jiří Havelka. Imagine twelve originally creative individual actors facing off against the audience. Exploring the boundaries between confi dentiality and privacy. Searching for the nature of acting as it exists today. “I am standing on the stage. The lights are shining on me. I can be seen. I am seen. I am watched. I must be watched. I am an actor. Do I have emotions? Do I share emotions? Do I demonstrate emotions? Do I pretend emotions?Am I lying?”

Supervision: Jiří Havelka
Dramaturgy: Jana Macíčková
With: M. Bednář, V. Polívka, P. Holubář, P. Majerčíková, J.Matoušková, P. Skružná and others.
90 min.

DIOD, Tyršova 12
Thursday 29.10. / start 22:00 

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2015
Event type: Cabaret and Theatre
29.10DIOD 22:00
29.10DIOD 22:00


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