DOK.TRIN: Report on a Miracle (Josef Toufar)


In December 1949, the crucifix in the church in Číhošť, a village in the Vysočina, moved on its own. The Czech secret police subsequently arrested Father Josef Toufar.  Their task? To obtain, at any cost, his admission that he staged the phenomenon. This deeply profound story of Toufar’s life and his martyrdom presents the story of a game – one that is political, religious and propagandistic, but, at the same time, essentially intimate.

Script: Alžběta Michalová a Barbara Herz
Director: Barbara Herz
Dramaturgy: Alžběta Michalová
With: Michal Bumbálek, Pavel Doucek, Jitka Jackuliak, Ondřej Kraus, Ondřej Dvořák
85 min. /

Festival Tent behind Thor Heyerdahl Cinema - DKO
Wednesday 28. 10. / start 21:00 / admission CZK 30 with accrediation, CZK 80 without

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2015
Event type: Cabaret and Theatre
28.10Festival Tent by the Bus Station 21:00


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