Jindra Holubec y Amigos + DJs Mr. Ultrafino & Romario

With a view to our programming objective of “we want to present the best lesser-known and underappreciated bands”, the accompanying music programme absolutely must include the unrestrained Bruntál native, Jindra Holubec, whose funk, groove and other musical ecstasy is eminently original. Seven amigos, including brass: one of the festival’s most important evenings! 

Mr. Ultrafino is the co-creator of the Prague jazz/funk DJ scene, and a Radio 1 DJ. Strictly vinyl. Mainly funk, soul and jazz from the ‘60s and ‘70s, but also disco, hip-hop, latino, reggae. An unexpected rarity. Dance.

sobota / saturday / 25. 10. start 22.30 a 23.30 / 10.30pm and 23.30pm 
Divadelní stan v parku u městského vlakového nádraží / Theater tent near the municipal train station
admission free
funk / dance / midnight sun


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Festival edition: 2014
Event type: Music
25.10Festival Tent by the Bus Station 22:30


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