Martin E. Kyšperský: Exchange of Dreams


Alone with your artist: A concert for one audience member, held according to simple rules. Remember a dream you once had – it will be your ticket to a 10-minute concert by songwriter and frontman for the band Květy. Martin E. Kyšperský listens to your dream, tells you one of his in return, and adds a song.


Klub Zacheus, Komenského 20
sobota / saturday / 25. 10 15–17.30 / 3–5.30pm
neděle / sunday / 26. 10. 17.30-20.00 / 5.30pm-8pm

Attention, space is very limited: reserve your time in the Festival center, Komenského 10, Jihlava at the Accreditation desk.


Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2014
Event type: Music
25.10Klub Zacheus 15:00


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