Documentary Theater - Dechovka (Brass Band)

The third annual dok.divadlo festival offers viewers the opportunity to experience something unusual. VOSTO5’s performance of Dechovka (Brass Band) will be presented twice during the festival in the most interesting possible location – the House of Culture in Dobronín, a place whose history and post-war events were the inspiration for the story.
Attempts at documentary theater have taken place in the Anglo-American world since the 1970s. They are an expression of attempts at socially engaged theatre that seeks to attract attention to a specific social problem and tries to activate the viewer’s entire personality.
It works with authentic and original materials, such as non-dramatic texts (scientific, social, media and other documents, or authentic interviews or testimony). It involves non-actors and breaks down the conventional actor-audience relationship. It explores the boundary of the actual medium of theater itself and uses its elements in authentic communication on the chosen topic as a live form of creative work. 
Dechovka (Brass Band)
It happened in 1923. It happened in 1945. It happened yesterday. It’s always going on. This documentary is about history that is more than just a documentary about us. Do you want to you what it was like for you at a dance after World War II? Have you ever seen the opening ceremony of a Sokol club? And would you love to erect a memorial to your enemies? Come experience it. Dechovka is the story of one small town where time has seemingly stood still. There is one pub, and one event that people would rather forget. But unfortunately they can’t. The victims have caught up with their murderers, but nobody knows them. Or will someone be found?
Director: Jiří Havelka
Story and Screenplay: Jiří Havelka and Karel František Tománek 
Producer: Petr Prokop and Vosto5
Dramaturges: Marta Ljubková and Karel F. Tománek
Sets: Antonín Šilar
Costumes: Andrea Králová
Music and lyrics to the song “Dobrodín”: Jan Kalina (Sto zvířat)
Choreography: Dora Sulženko Hoštová
Production: Bára Kalinová, Jeník Bubal, Jeník Tyl
Starring: Ján Sedal, Tomina Jeřábek, Ondřej Cihlář, Petr Prokop, Daniela Voráčková, Philipp Schenker, Halka Třešňáková, Marta Ljubková, David Dvořák
House of Culture, Dobronín / Friday 24 Oct. and Saturday 25 Oct. at 8pm / admission CZK 200

On-line pre-sale on
and each Wednesday and Friday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and during the Jihlava IDFF daily according to the programme, in the box office of the DIOD Theatre; the remaining tickets will be available on the spot before the performance.

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Festival edition: 2014
Event type: Documentary Theatre
24.10Dobronín 20:00
25.10Dobronín 20:00


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard