Laboratorium – Landscape Re-discovered / Krajina znovu-objevená

Discovered or still unseen landscapes, created from microstructures, interwoven into the digital skin of the frame and a detailed burrowing into natural elements and materials – complemented by an idealized view of the world in this interactive documentary. 
Stone Meditation / Kamenná meditace 
Tatsuto Kimura / Japan / 2014 / 4 min
A tightly focused descent into the structure of rocks creates new abstract landscapes through frenetic crossfades.
Itisonlytothehappythattearsarealuxury / Jenomprošťastnéplatížeslzyjsouluxus
Lou Mouw / Germany / 2014 / 6 min
Variously complete or incomplete views of the sea, in a compositional reversal and layering of depths, touch upon its endless movement. 
Refreshment / Obnovení
Johan Rijpma / Netherlands / 2014 / 3 min
A picture painted with water brings to mind the elusiveness of memories of space, gestures, and matter, into which traces of an event are imprinted.
Darkroom / Temná komora
Billy Roisz / Austria / 2014 / 13 min
Glimpses of the lit interiors of a cinema, rural construction and a residential building flash in a black space, and create a desolate world of borders where the inner and the outer meet.  
A Return to the Return to Reason / Návrat k rozumu
Sabine Gruffat / 3 min
In an authentic reconstruction, laser-etched film brings Man Ray’s film Le Retour à la raison (1923) to life frame by frame.
Resistfilm / Resistfilm
Pablo Marin / Argentina/ Canada / 2014 / 13 min
A contemporary wild landscape is captured with visual effects created directly in the 8mm camera, and is depicted using classical approaches of the avant-garde, such as dividing the picture into geometric surfaces. 
Current / Proud
Ico Costa / France/Portugal / 2013 / 11 min
In the fragments of a disintegrating image, we are witness to the story of a man who briefly appeared in the village where his old friend lived so that he could disappear entirely.  
An Orchestra in the Sky / Orchestrace oblohy
Yoshiki Nishimura / Japan / 2014 / 6 min
Battling clouds are analyzed by being transformed into graphical representations on the basis of contrast, brightness and topographical forms. 
Michaela Hrabová / Česká republika 2014 / 16 min
A reflection on moments of intersection and ordinariness develops in this performative video in which the artist herself mimics the actions, movements and gestures of people during everyday activities. 
Comments on Megapolis
Vladimír Turner / Česká republika 2014 / 18 min
The artist relates to the landscape, now walking along the coast and in the city, through restricted space, visual-highlighted space around himself, the rearranging of elements – changing it with subtle and distinctive interventions.
WHERE: Půda Gallery Joštova 27, Jihlava
opening hours during festival 10am–6pm


Festival edition: 2014
Event type: Special Screening


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