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City Surfer

Over the six years of its existence, the Prague-based City Surfer collective has evolved into the present publishing house and a creative studio. It currently encompasses music production, graphic design or curatorship. Its core members are the Popper-C duo whose work seemingly follows suit of the stagnant Czech electronic scene. Archival house and cheesy motifs are combined with current production, but its ironic overtoneis only one of the components. Another stems from their broad views and personal signature thanks to which they manage to free their production of thecommon “knee-jerk” and embarrassing effect. Theresignation on the established definitions of alleged sound trends emphasises the identity, talent and open-mindedness of the artists, whose DJ set will open the evening in the theatre tent.

Ondřej Bělíček

Texts by Ondřej Bělíček in the A2 cultural bi-weekly usually end with the simple note “Author is a DJ”. This is not entirely true: Bělíček excels as a music publicist and a member of the Lightning Glove project that is not afraid to work with raw and listener-unfriendly post-rave sound. Thanks to his wide-ranging and eclectic scope, the after-party may also swerve for instance to specific mutations of the contemporary hip-hop.


Tomáš Ferko aka Teapot made his debut last year with a record released by the Slovak Exitab label. However, he has been regularly touring for years, for example as a supporting act to Jamie Woon in Prague or a closing act to Andy Stott in Bratislava. As one of the few Czech and Slovak producers, he appeared in the acclaimed Red Bull Music Academy. His style is primarily comprised of throbbing machine techno, yet he eclectically oscillates also in many other directions within the range of the current electronic production.

Festival edition: 2013
Event type: Music
25.10Festival Tent by the Bus Station 23:00


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