DOCUTOPIA II An even better harvest


This marks the second year that Kinečko magazine will be holding its “Do a Little Editing” workshop at the Jihlava IDFF. This year, participants will again be cutting 16mm film, but they will also animate (by drawing, painting, scratching, or burning the film) the subject of a “good harvest”.

What does the workshop offer?

  • geocaching – a playful search for film material and other treasures. Films have been hidden and buried and are waiting for you throughout Jihlava
  • editing – editing and splicing film using special equipment
  • post-production – experimentation with film

Anyone can join from age 2 to 110!

26.10.                1 – 6pm (mezzanine of DKO) – workshop

27.10.                1 – 6pm (mezzanine of DKO) – workshop

28.10.                 noon – 4pm (mezzanine of DKO) – workshop

28.10  –  9pm (DKO café): screening of DOCUTOPIA II – an even better harvest

                            gala premiere of joint film created by workshop participants

From 26 to 28 October, you can also purchase the most widely read Slovak film magazine in the Czech Republic – KINEČKO!




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Festival edition: 2013


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