Gao Xingjian: Soul Mountain


Chinese novelist, playwright, and literary critic Gao Xingjian will read from his most famous novel, Soul Mountain, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize. The novel works not only with the best traditions of Chinese literature and its culture of learning, but also reflects a specific way of receiving modern European literature; the intricately structured story described the search for a path through one’s own life. Gao Xingjian was born 1940. Since he was in danger of persecution, he emigrated to France in 1987. He continues to be more recognized in Europe and the West than in his native China. In addition to writing, he also translates – primarily the works of Samuel Beckett and Eugène Ionesco.

Before this event, at 4pm, Gao will screen his two films Silhouette/Shadow (2003) and Après le déluge/After the Flood (2008) in the same screening hall.

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Festival edition: 2012
Event type: Author Reading


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