Dinner Is Served!

Kateřina Bílková, Jan Kalivoda a kol.


Audiovisual performance artist Kateřina Bílková has created an absurdist theatre performance that was both inspired by and is a creative analysis of television reality shows. Dinner is Served! is a variation on the kind of contest in which amateur chefs invite the other contestants to their home, and the host who receives the highest evaluation goes home with a fat financial reward. Dinner is Served! is a documentary of an era, a signifi cant portion of which consists of media-manufactured reality and pre-interpreted content. The purpose of the performance is, among other things, to call attention to the creation and subliminal implanting of archetypes.

Written and directed by: Kateřina Bílková, Jan Kalivoda & Co.
With: Pavel Blažek, Jan Cina, Hana Müllerová, Tereza Nvotová, Andrej Polák
Production: Alžběta Šerclová, Kristýna Chalupová
Choreography: Jiří Weissemann, Anna Schmidtmajerová
Lighting design: Martin Špetlík and René Vitvar
Music: Vojtěch Knot
Sound: Jan Veselý

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Festival edition: 2012
Event type: Documentary Theatre


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