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The genre of the commentary in daily press ranks among the “royal disciplines”, combining analysis and opinion in a more or less literary guise. Oscillating between the literary and non-literary mode, the commentary suffers from a certain tension. In the Czech Republic, the literary aspect prevails over analysis; what is valued is opinion and style. However, an isolated opinion is of no interest. What makes a commentary valuable is rather argumentation and the approach to the commented subject. The commentary is essentially related to criticism. In his interpretation of Goethe’s Elective Affinities, Walter Benjamin says that criticism searches for the truth-value. Can there be a commentary without criticism? Can there be criticism without a commentary? How does one influence the other? Can that be helpful in our perception of documentary film?
Petr Fischer
Studied pedagogy and philosophy. From 1998, he has worked in the media, first as commentator of Lidové noviny, later as political analyst of the Czech BBC. For three years, he was head of the cultural section of Hospodářské noviny, currently he is head of the cultural department of the Czech Television. He regularly writes for the A2 cultural magazine, his columns have been published under the title Public Lighting. Together with Radim Procházka, he is the co-director of the documentary Desk-Based Assassination (2007).

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