Kamil Fila / Reviews in daily newspapers and online media

Lecturer:Kamil Fila


The lecture’s objective is to introduce students to the basic (non-dogmatic) rules of writing for the electronic media. In view of the limitlessness of the internet and the unlimited range of formats, we will focus primarily on reviews in newspapers. We will look at the various approaches and their limitations by analyzing published texts written by several established authors.
Kamil Fila
Editor of the Cinepur bi-monthly since 2006. Graduated from Masaryk University’s School of Arts (department of film theory and history) in 2007. His graduate thesis on David Lynch was published in book form as part of Robert Fischer’s David Lynch: Temné stránky duše (Jota, 2006). Since 2008, he has been a contributing editor of the cultural section of Aktualne.cz. He teaches/has taught at the University of Journalism, FAMU, Masaryk University, and the Faculty of Media Communications in Zlín. He was lecturer of the programmes introducing contemporary “film studies and criticism” to the public (Film Encounters, Audiovisual, Cinema Studies, Summer Film School, Visions of Light etc.).

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