Jeremy Orlebar / The ambiguous relationship between Television Institutions and authenticity in TV documentaries

Lecturer:Jeremy Orlebar


Explore the concept of authenticity in relation to making documentaries for TV. In particular the way the institution of television itself influences styles, content, balance, and presentation and how these affect the concept of authenticity in documentary. This includes ideas about realism, and reality and how they might be achieved through the TV medium.
Jeremy Orlebar
Jeremy Orlebar is an experienced radio and television producer, writer and lecturer. He has over twenty five years’ experience with BBC Radio and Television producing and directing programmes. On leaving the BBC he became a lecturer in radio, television and broadcasting in higher education. He now works as a freelance writer, and lecturer in broadcasting and media. Jeremy is the media editor of a popular Media and English website  and is currently researching the role of television in the global environment of social media.


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