Alaverdi, Bonus & Martin Tvrdý trio: agitation night



“Yoga has never been so loud.” The Baltic Times Prague-based Lithuanian trio Alaverdi appeared on the Czech scene like a bolt from the blue. The band was born at an abandoned steel mill near Vilnius out of a basic need to spread positive vibrations. But brothers Edgaras and Vytautas Vasilias and bassist Marius Miškinis don’t exactly server their good vibrations with kid gloves – this is some hardcore feelgood. All the songs have a message, and so you will find titles such as Vegetarian Superman and Recycle or Die!, and the band have been known to treat the audience to simulated whale songs or a yogic “om”. All this set to music – usually very fast – that is somewhere on the boundary between punk and hardcore. Th us their unique genre, mantracore: a combination of fast and furious music with lyrics reminiscent of short mantras.
Bonus & Martin Tvrdý trio
Almost a year after his exceptionally successful debut, Konec civilizace (Th e End of Civilization), Martin Hůla (aka Bonus) is releasing his second LP with the title Náměstí míru (Peace Square). The album features artwork by Sára Bergmannová and includes not only a vinyl record but also a CD and a coupon for downloading a digital version in MP3 and FLAC format. As opposed to its conceptual predecessor, the making of new album was less conspicuous. Says Bonus: “In April I brought one overhead mike with me to work that I usually use for the cymbals, and once or twice a week I got there an hour earlier than the others and recorded whatever occurred to me.” Despite the random process of creation, the new album is no senseless mishmash, but holds together extremely well, and has a unique atmosphere and sound.

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Festival edition: 2012
Event type: Music


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard