Ridina Ahmedová: solo concert



Her father is Sudanese, her mother half Czech, half Russian-Jewish. Until she was four, Ridina lived in Bohemia, and then spent 10 years in Algeria. The first musical style that she engaged in professionally was jazz. Later, out of a need to find a more authentic form of expression and her true voice, she began to explore less well-trodden audio landscapes. She is the author and co-author of the music for several dance and movement performances, has contributed music to several films (Vaterland, Pusinky, Fimfárum 2), and has collaborated with numerous other musicians (Jan P. Muchow, Monika Načeva, Vladimír 518 and others). She has appeared as guest artist at numerous concerts, including an improvised solo with Byla Bobby McFerrin in 2008. In 2003, she premiered her project Hlasokraj (Voiceland), which combines projections with a live concert and for which she received a Next Wave award in the Discovery of the Year award. In 2006, she released her solor CD Hlasem (By Voice). She is interested in the possibilities of the voice as an improvised solo instrument. In addition to singing, she also leads voice workshops.

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Festival edition: 2012
Event type: Music


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