Apple Spokesman, Plees the Trees: an evening of fruit trees



Apple Spokesman
It would be a sin to hold the festival without showcasing 18-year-old Jihlava legend Apple Spokesman: This quartet of local celebrities will dazzle you with the force of their music and their distinctive lyrics. Over the years, they have achieved a form that is highly specific, and that is read diff erently by every listener. For some, it is “too hard”, while others are apt to say: “Interesting. The singer’s alright, but what’s up with the lyrics?!” To each his own; that is Apple Spokesman. Their performances sometimes resemble a situation when you drink, drink, drink – at first it tastes good, and so you drink more, more, more, faster, … more, more, more... Where will it lead to? A bit like singer-songwriters.
Plees the Trees
In their years of existence, Please The Trees have made a name for themselves on the domestic scene, and can also boast of numerous foreign tours, including concerts and recording in the USA. At its recent concerts, the band has been presenting new material from its third album, A Forest Aff air, which was recorded in October 2011 during their American tour under the supervision of producer Jonathan Burnside (Faith No More, Nirvana). Please The Trees have released two other successful albums: Lion Prayer (2007) and Inlakesh (2010). Singer and guitarist Václav Havelka has also released numerous solo recordings under the pseudonym selFbrush, and currently performs as Václav Havelka III. Please The Trees gained attention through their collaboration with the senior citizens’ choir Elpida as part of a campaign against senior discrimination that Havelka joined in 2010. Please The Trees and Elpida are planning a joint EP for early 2013.

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Festival edition: 2012
Event type: Music


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