Ji.hlava IDFF’s year-round activities

Center for Documentary Film (CDF)

  • A space for concentrated research as well as multifaceted exploration of documentary cinematography on several levels (education, book library, video library, research)

Echoes of Ji.hlava IDFF

  • Festival echoes in the Czech Republic and Europe

Documentary Mondays

  • Regular screenings of documentary films followed by Q&As with the filmmakers in Prague’s Světozor cinema

Living Cinema

  • Summer screenings of selected Czech documentaries at non-traditional venues in Jihlava and in Prague

Czech Joy in Czech Cinemas

  • A cinema distribution project offering a selection of Czech documentary films shown at Ji.hlava IDFF


  • The new part of the Ji.hlava IDFF programme builds upon partnership with foreign film institutions as well as on a natural need to enhance and at the same time interrelate our programme and Industry activities more