Festival Publishing Activities

The identity of any creative field claiming a certain autonomy presupposes the existence of its history and theory by means of which the field is identified and comprehended as a certain whole. Both also represent a systematic reason for revisiting the results within a longer period of time; while television, production and distribution will do with market research.“

Guy Gauthier: Le Documentaire, un autre Cinéma




Dok.revue is dedicated to criticism and theory of documentary film. It is primarily focused on Czech and Slovak documentary cinema. In its reflection of documentaries, dok.revue promotes an aesthetic point of view while not ignoring social and historical context of filmmaking practice and cinema institution.

Dokrevue.cz continues the tradition of reflecting on documentary film in the form of a printed supplement, dok.revue, which was published from 2005 – 2007 in Literární noviny, and since 2008 in the Respekt weekly. Dok.revue presents interviews with Czech and Slovak documentary filmmakers, reviews and critical discussions of recently released documentaries, essays dealing with documentary cinema phenomena, book reviews as well as poems that relate to the documentary world. It endeavours to inspire a deep examination of documentary film – both by Czech and Slovak film critics and historians as well as through important translated texts on cinema that had not been previously published in the Czech language.



The publishing activities of the Ji.hlava IDFF represent an important field to encourage thinking about documentary film. On a long-term basis, the Ji.hlava festival has been publishing texts from the field of theory and history of documentary cinematography as well as texts reflecting the works and thinking of remarkable filmmakers. In the Czech context, this represents a systematic effort to fill the white spaces in the knowledge of documentary film.

The Ji.hlava festival has helped publish seven theoretical and autobiographical books, most of them in cooperation with AMU Press, and six anthologies of texts about documentary film.


Do anthology

Besides monographs, the Ji.hlava International Documentary Festival has also published the Do anthology of theoretical and critical texts on documentary film, reflecting the shifting boundaries of the “documentary” and its transcendence to other film and art forms. Reflecting the programme structure of the individual festival editions since 2003, the anthologies have introduced essential foreign texts dealing with documentary film.