Ji.hlava IDFF Educational Activities


Documentary Film Center (CDF)

A space for concentrated research as well as multifaceted exploration of documentary cinematography on several levels:

  • education
    lectures, workshops, screenings, interesting guests and a study room for secondary school students, public and seniors
  • book library
    a unique book collection with focus on filmmaking accentuating documentary film and complemented with basic publications from other art fields
  • video library
    a unique collection of documentary films for advanced research on authors, styles and topics of contemporary documentary filmmaking
  • research
    a continuous collection of data, public opinion polls and surveys in the field of media, film and documentary filmmaking

For more information about the Documentary Film Center (provisionally in czech only), click HERE.


Media & Documentary

Seminar of creative writing on documentary films

The Media and Documentary creative writing seminar is an opportunity for students of journalism, film studies, and other disciplines in the field of humanities and social sciences to work under leading critics and theoreticians in order to practice their writing skills in the areas of film and festival reviews. Lectures by leading Czech journalists will introduce students to various forms of critical review and the pitfalls and advantages of the various genres (reviews in daily newspapers or trade journals, commentaries, blogs, essays) when the subject in question is a documentary film or a film festival. Lectures by foreign instructors will open further topics related to covering documentary film in the media and provide an insight into the international context of writing about film.

For more information about the Media and Documentary creative writing seminar, click HERE.


The Boundaries of Film

Lectures and discussions on non-traditional documentary film formats

The line between fiction and documentary film has always been blurred. Fiction film directly touches upon reality, while the documentary genre oftentimes resorts to the staging of real events. Explore the world of documentary and experimental cinema. Explore the boundaries of film and meet authors of non-traditional TV shows, films and audio-visual works. All workshop participants will have a free unlimited access to films at the DAFilms.cz portal.

For more information about The Boundaries of Film wrokshop, click HERE.