Doc Alliance

Seven documentary film festivals collaborate to create new possibilities for documentary films.

Seven important European documentary film festivals are associated with Doc Alliance, an organization that emerged in 2008 with the aim to support diversity in feature documentaries. Doc Alliance advocates for new initiatives and ways of thinking in order to promote films to a general market that is less permeable to their circulation and commercialization. In order for these quality films to reach a variety of people, various approaches of promotion must be conceived in every manner, ranging from cinema, television, DVD, VOD, and other networks. Its objective is to create an inventive and dynamic distribution platform for filmmakers and producers by offering attractive alternatives, choices and perspectives.

The online portal of Doc Alliance Films presents more than 1000 contemporary or archival documentary and experimental films. The Doc Alliance Selection films are screened at all of the collaborating film festivals.


The members of Doc Alliance are:



The largest documentary film festival in Scandinavia focuses on innovative films converging on modern tendencies in the genre of non-fiction, art and experimental film.

The festival is held in March.


Doclisboa is the only festival in Portugal dedicated exclusively to documentaries. It is a member of Doc Alliance since 2013.

The festival is held in October.


German film festival has 50 years of history and promotes documentary films with "the heART of documentary".

The festival is held in October.


A French festival celebrating the diversity of the documentary form is a member of Doc Alliance since 2012.

The festival is held in July.


„Thinking through film“ is the motto of the Czech representative of Doc Alliance. It presents hundreds of documentary and experimental films, which are dedicated to the contemporary world of film production, as well as films from Central and Eastern Europe. It places emphasis on showing cross-genre documentary/fiction films as well as new television formats.

The festival is held in October.


Warsaw documentary film festival presents a competition for mainly human rights documentaries as well as short animated films.

Festival is held in May.


This Swiss film festival features a representative competition showing feature-length, middle- length and short-length documentaries along with the ateliers of important documentary filmmakers.

Festival is held in April.



Doc Alliance activities:


The seven national markets support the remarkable films at their markets, festivals and furthermore in their theatrical, TV and DVD distribution.

In 2013 the Doc Alliance is proud to welcome Doclisboa as its seventh partner and has chosen a new procedure for selecting the films that will be screened at the Doc Alliance festivals in the Doc Alliance Selection section. Each member festival proposes a film and a film critic and will screen a minimum of 3 out of the 7 nominated films.


Since 2008, Doc Alliance Selection Award has annually been presented by an alliance of documentary film festivals.

In 2015 Homeland (Iraq Year Zero) by Abbas Fahdel has won the Doc Alliance Selection Award. The winner was announced on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at the Locarno film festival in the presence of directors of film festivals associated with Doc Alliance, the jury members and film professionals. The winner received a financial prize of 5,000 EUR that is primarily intended to promote the author’s future filmmaking career.



is an online portal of for Video on Demand offering permanent access to 600 outstanding documentaries selected by the seven partner festivals. Twenty new films are added monthly and these can be acquired through streaming or download.

The on-line portal of follows the tradition of the Doc-Air portal, an initiative powered by the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, which was launched in August 2006. The Ji.hlava documentary film festival founded the on-line distribution of documentary films through this project.

The films you can find on the DAFilms platform are selected by festival programme committees, which focus on films with both social and aesthetic value – searching for films which deal with strong issues and do not resign from aesthetic qualities and a unique style at the same time. Moreover, the platform is open to any kind of cinematic innovations, progressive and provocative docs stimulating an open dialogue between the authors and their audience.

DAFilms offers a selection of important contemporary documentary films from all over the world with an accent on European cinematography. However, not only the contemporary, but also archive documentary films and the greatest documentary works of the past are available on the portal, which thus aspires to become an archive as well. Films by established masters as Ulrich Seidl, Jørgen Leth, Peter Mettler or Helena Třeštíková, by new talents and also students’ films are very welcome at Doc Alliance Films.